Opportunities for Contractors & Distributors

Licensed HVAC contractors and wholesale distributors can get involved with this fast-growing market segment by contacting Fresh-Aire UV.

To make selling and proper installation of our products as efficient as possible we provide a variety of marketing materials to contractors and wholesalers.

For contractors and wholesalers

We also provide training, both in person and on-line, to give you and your employees a thorough understanding of our products, their applications, and proper installation procedures.

Marketing Materials

Product literature including spec sheets and manuals can be found on each product page.

Authorized Installer

Wójcik Piotr GIT Grupa Innowacyjnych Technologii

ul. Energetyków 19
20-468 Lublin

phone 604 235 459

Authorized Installer


ul. Chemiczna 7
20-329 Lublin

phone 792 783 378

Authorized Designer

Adam Tymosiak

ul. Braci Wieniawskich 1/64B
20-844 Lublin

phone 502 115 259