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APCO® Rack System




Every building can benefit from ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). Installing a Fresh-Aire UV UVGI system will result in significant energy and maintenance savings. These systems also improve indoor air quality for building occupants by reducing airborne biological contaminants and toxic VOCs. We offer practical solutions for all industrial, medical, retail, corporate, and hospitality applications.
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Products for commercial applications


Fresh-Aire UV Commercial Series products are available in configurations based on several assembly options. Commercial lamps are 32" cm, 46" cm or 60" cm long. High efficiency 32" cm lamps are available for air disinfection.
Fill out the BLUECALC form to get a free offer created on the basis of your system work parameters. The offer will contain information on system configuration as well as irradiation schemes and estimation of the investment return rate.


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No Worries!

We are so confident in the quality of our design and manufacturing that this product comes with a lifetime warranty on all parts except the UV lamp and filter media which need to be replaced every 2 years.


Commercial product

Standard UV System (TUVC)


The Fresh-Aire Standard Commercial UV System features high-quality water-resistant lamps with convenient "L" mounting brackets. Also included is our heavy-duty Multi-voltage water-resistant power supply which comes with a lifetime warranty.

Choose normal-output lamps for surface and air treatment or optional high-output lamps for intensive air treatment.

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Tubular Rack System (TUVC-TRS)


This is our most popular commercial product. The Fresh-Aire UV Tubular Rack System offers easy, flexible installation and includes all the clamps and mounting hardware necessary for mounting. It's designed for use with standard 1/2" EMT tubing or use our optional custom steel tubing.

Choose normal-output lamps for surface and air treatment or optional high-output lamps for intensive air treatment.

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APCO Rack System (TUV-C-APCO)


Our most advanced commercial product adds our award-winning APCO gas-phase air purification technology to the Tubular Rack System. APCO cells contain activated carbon infused with titanium dioxide which reacts with UV-C light to capture and catalyzes odor-causing and potentially toxic VOCs. Proper use of the APCO Rack System can reduce the amount of outside air needed for ventilation according to ASHRAE Standard 62.1.

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Airborne Duct System (TUV-C-ADS)


This product is ideal for hospitals and other applications where airborne germicidal disinfection is a priority. It is installed in HVAC ducts to maximize exposure time with the air. Because exposure to surface materials is limited this system uses our high-output 32" UV lamps for maximum airborne kill. Choose grid or radial configuration. More lamps can be added as needed depending on duct size and length.

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Tight-Fit Kit


The Fresh-Aire UV Tight-Fit Kit makes it possible to realize all the benefits of germicidal UV light in limited space applications including most of the fan coil units and PTACs found on the market today. The kit provides a means for locating the UV light within these units for optimum UV exposure particularly where space is limited..

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